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The mission of Parkway Manor Elementary School is to ensure that every student can thrive in a changing world by creating effective learning environments in collaboration with dedicated staff, involved parents and a supportive community.  To ensure that this vision is accomplished, the Parkway Manor family — students, teachers, parents, support staff and administration — have targeted efforts in the areas of academics, technology, the arts,  school environment and care toward people and animals.  The Parkway Manor teaching staff places its highest priority upon the delivery of academics to all students.  The elementary curriculum includes the use of a literature based reading program; the integration of language arts skills into all areas; the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills; the use of process writing; the use of manipulative devices to develop abstract concepts in mathematics; the development of problem solving skills across the curriculum; the use of hands-on experimentation for science instruction; the use of cooperative learning techniques to develop peer and team relationships; the development of skills related to good citizenship and the use of technology as a learning and productivity tool.

Knowledge of and the preservation of the environment are priority goals for the Parkway Manor school community.  Two beautiful environmental areas, the Discovery Garden and the Bumble Bee Buffet, were constructed through the combined efforts of the Parkway Manor PTO, students and staff at the school.  The Bumble Bee Buffet, a butterfly garden, is a beautiful area strategically located near the school’s entrance.     All students have the opportunity to become members of the Parkway Manor Garden Club.  Club members grow annuals and perennials from seed and later place the mature plants around the school grounds.

At Parkway Manor Elementary School we believe in continually modeling good character traits and setting high expectations, academically and socially, while promoting strong character-building skills throughout the day, every day.  Many times we feel like we spend our days providing consequences for negative behavior and not enought time recognizing the positive behaviors our students already exhibit.   In an effort to provide more reward and incentive for our students to behave in positive ways we have developed a new School-Wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS) plan called Panther Pride.  Our program challenges the children to think about, model and act in a Respectful, Responsible, Safe, and Kind manner.  The idea behind this plan is that the more frequently we can reinforce the positive behaviors students exhibit, the more likely they will be to exhibit them.  If we can catch our students doing the things we want and reward or recognize them for it, they will continue to show these behaviors.

A student council was formed during the 1999-2000 year.  The primary purpose of the council was to involve itself in projects beneficial to man and animals. As a result of its efforts and achievements, the Parkway Manor Student Council has been awarded the National Association of Elementary School Principals “Honor Council Award of Excellence” for 1999 through 2007.  Our school was one of very few schools in the state of Pennsylvania to receive this prestigious award.

A peer helper program coordinated by the guidance counselor that involves students operates on a daily basis.  A peer mediation program ensures that routine school problems are quickly resolved.

Through the achievement of these goals, Parkway Manor’s vision of having students develop as responsible citizens in a changing world will have been attained.

Scott Bartman, Parkway Manor Elementary Principal

Scott Bartman